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From America to Australia, India, Abu Dhabi, Brazil and Ireland we’re committed to furthering the conversation about how we make workplaces better for employees, their bosses and their organizations. If you’re interested in talking don’t hesitate to contact Michelle for media opportunities at Here are some of the recent discussions we’ve been privileged to be part of …

Five Bad Bosses To Work For

According to new data from workplace expert and author Michelle McQuaid more than six in 10 workers say they would be happier at work with a better boss, compared with almost four in 10 who’d prefer a pay raise.


 Bosses: What Will You Do Differently Today

As bosses, we can do better. Let today be the day we recognize the responsibility we hold for the lives of the tremendous individuals who work in our companies and who serve our customers. As a boss, what will you do differently today?


National Boss Day

Watch me join the team at Good Day New York to explain why approximately one-third of employees feel unappreciated by their boss.


Career Accelerator

Watch me chat with Fox Business about what Americans really think about their bosses.


Dealing With Horrible Bosses

Watch me chat with the Sunrise Breakfast Show hosts about my new book on how to deal with tyrant bosses in the workplace.


Better Bosses Prioritized Over Pay Rises For Two In Three Workers

Sixty-five percent of 1,000 U.S. workers surveyed by Michelle McQuaid, a workplace author, said that they would rather have a better boss than a pay raise.


Your Employees Think You’re A Terrible Boss

The Bad Boss Study, led by psychologist Michelle McQuaid, interviewed 1,000 professional workers across the country, polling them on issues such as whether their boss works hard, has integrity or can keep calm in tough situations.


How Much Do Bad Bosses Cost American Businesses?

McQuaid is a “movement entrepreneur” who’s taking on workplace bullying, one boss at a time. She says it will save our economy $360 billion in lost productivity each year.


New Boss Or A Pay Rise: Many Wouldn’t Take The Money

What would make you happy at work? This National Boss Day, a survey has some surprising findings, as I chart with MarketWatch Radio’s Adrienne Mitchell.


National Boss Day 2012: What To Do If You Can’t Stand Your Boss

Psychologist Michelle McQuaid’s found that 10 percent of employees surveyed said they would use the holiday as a way to improve their relationship with their boss.


Your Employee’s Think You’re A Terrible Boss

The Bad Boss Study, led by psychologist Michelle McQuaid, interviewed 1,000 professional workers across the country, polling them on issues such as whether their boss works hard, has integrity or can keep calm in tough situations.


Brickbats For Boss Day

Unhappy campers like Frances and Liam are the norm rather than the exception, according to a National Boss Day online poll of 300 Australians of varying ages and professions, conducted by psychologist and workplace activist, Michelle McQuaid, who has also authored a manual for dealing with bad bosses called 5 Reasons to tell your boss to go f**k themselves!.


Break Out The Party Hats: It’s National Boss Day

A website called released a survey today reporting that two-thirds of U.S. workers are unhappy at their jobs — and, usually, their bosses are to blame. The study was conducted by Michelle McQuaid, a workplace expert and a sponsor of National Boss Day.


Why We’re Miserable At Work

Bosses are leaving Americans feeling unappreciated, uninspired, lonely, and miserable, says the results of the study conducted by Michelle McQuaid, a consultant who offers positive psychology interventions in the workplace.


What Will You Say To Your Boss On National Boss Day?

Listen to me chat with Bridge & Lehmo on the Breakfast show about National Boss Day in Australia and why it pays to thank your boss.


Where In The World?

Listen to me chat with Ryk Goddard as I get ready to dunk bad bosses on Wall Street as part of the celebrations for National Boss Day.


Women At Work: Not All Are Happy With Their Boss

According to a study conducted by psychologist Michelle McQuaid, the majority of Americans are unhappy in the workplace, and more often than not, their boss is to blame. 70 percent said they would be happier and 55 percent say they would be more successful if they got along better with their supervisor.


Your Boss Is The Problem, Says Survey

According to a new survey by psychologist Michelle McQuaid, who interviewed over 1,000 American workers in a range of professions. Her finding: People are not happy campers at work, and the boss is the reason.


The Biggest Mistake An Entrepreneur Can Make

As we celebrate National Boss Day, Oct. 16, I’m enjoying the things leadership coach and author Michelle McQuaid has to say.


What To Do When You Work For A Bully

..a new study by Australian psychologist Michelle McQuaid, due to be released Tuesday in conjunction with National Bosses Day, showing that only 30% of people 50 and older think a bully boss can impact their health; a whopping 73% of their younger counterparts think so.


Unhappy At Work? Blame Your Boss

Bosses hoping to bask in the warm gratitude of their employees on National Boss Day today may have to wait a while. A majority of American workers are unhappy in the workplace and say their bosses are largely to blame, according to a new survey.


Is Your Boss An Unpredictable Control Freak?

“It’s time we stopped turning a blind eye to the toll of bad bosses, which costs our economy billions of dollars in lost productivity each year and wreaks havoc with the happiness, health and success of employees,”said McQuaid.


Good Rapport With Boss Means More Than Money

Michelle McQuaid, who recently conducted a study on 1000 American executives, found that 65 per cent of workers say a better relationship with their manager would make them happy.


The Five Kinds OF Bad Bosses

A better boss would make more employees happier at work than a pay raise, according to data from the workplace expert Michelle McQuaid.


The Cost Of Toxic Bosses

Article by Michelle – As a member of several boards, I was shocked to recently learn the cost of “toxic bosses” on organisational productivity and profitability. It occurred to me that not once, in all my board brieflng papers had I ever seen a single indicator about the quality of reiationships between bosses and employees.


Why Australia Needs Better Bosses

Article by Michelle – Despite the millions of dollars poured into ‘leadership training’ each year by Australian organizations, three out of every four employees report their boss is the most stressful part of their job.


Three Hidden Costs Of Tolerating A Bad Boss

Article by Michelle – Is your boss ruining your health? You wouldn’t be alone, with three out of every four employees reporting their boss as the most stressful part of their job.


The Secret To Being A Good Boss

Article by Michelle – The majority of Australian employees also believe they’d be happier, healthier and more successful in their roles. But, as a business owner, is improving your performance as a boss really worth the effort?


Books & Beyond

Bad bosses make life a misery – for themselves and others. Positive psychology practitioner McQuaid’s book is practical and easily digestible. lt may be of use if you’re the boss who makes life a misery for others (wittingly or unwittingly) or if you’re on the wrong end of the relationship. Rated 3/3.


#@%$! Is There Any Place For Profanity In The Workplace?

Meet Michelle McQuaid. She’s an internationally acclaimed positive psychologist who was pushed to the brink by her own horrible boss.


Work Help: 8 Reasons To Tell Your Boss To Go F**k Themselves

Provided we don’t do it too frequently studies show swearing can be a great source of pain relief. Mix it with a bit of humor and it can actually jolt your brain into more creative, expansive and tolerant thinking spaces making you a much better problem solver when it comes to dealing with your bad boss.


5 Reasons To Tell Your Boss Where To Go

After years studying positive psychology author Michelle McQuaid has penned a book called 5 Reasons to Tell Your Boss to go F**k Themselves.


The Women Who Told Her Boss Where To Go & Wrote A Book About It

From her own research and study McQuaid knows that a bad manager will play a major part in determining an employee’s productivity and happiness in the office.


When It’s Time To Tell Someone Where To Go

“As employees, we’re not victims and we’re not helpless,” says McQuaid. “There are things we can do – that include talking or not talking to our bosses – that can make our situations more survivable and even enjoyable.”


5 Reasons To Tell Your Boss To Go F**k Themselves!

Listen to me chat to Glen Ridge about the release of my new book and what employees can do to improve their relationships with their bosses.

Happy Workplaces

Michelle McQuaid, one of the world’s leading experts for positive psychology interventions in the workplace, has had first-hand experience leading a major cultural change initiative in one of the world’s largest organizations, PricewaterhouseCoopers.


What Would You Like To Change?

This article explores how Michelle helped PwC Australia apply Hope Theory and Appreciative Inquiry to inspire analytically-inclined minds into inquiry-led conversations to satisfy the changing needs of its clients.