The World Needs More Good Bosses! Join Us On National Boss Day October 16

Tell Your Boss

October 16th is National Boss Day.

What will You Tell Your Boss?

Will You Thank Them?

3 OUT OF 4

employees say their boss is the most stressful part of their job

That's not surprising

of workplace abuse occurs from the top down

Most employees would prefer a new boss over a raise--would you?

If you're lucky enough to have a good boss, be sure to tell them what you are grateful for

Can You Share Your Strengths?

1 in 5

people say they use their strengths at work -- that's a lot of lost potential!

Establish you strengths

(check out the free survey at

and let your boss know what they are

Just 10 minutes a day using your strengths can:

Boost engagements


Increase life satisfaction


If your boss is okay but you need more support from them, today is the day to highlight your strengths

(you know, what you really enjoy doing)

Should You Get Real Strengths About Your Boss?


Undermined performance
(less money, fewer promotions)

Strained relationships
(Bad bosses can ruin your job and your marriage)

Depression and anxiety

Health problems (most heart attacks happen on Monday, and those with bad bosses are more likely to develop a coronary artery disease)

Most people endure bad bosses and the related misery for 22 months before taking action

If your boss behaves so badly that their ideas are unimaginable, it's time to get honest with what you are putting up with! Grab a copy of "Five Reasons To Tell Your Boss To Go F**k Themselves!" and discover 24 proven positive psychology skills to deal with difficult bosses!

The world needs more good bosses. What will you do to help?

Michelle McQuaid